Katarapko floodplain environmental watering 2021 September

The environmental watering at the Katarapko floodplain is well underway and will continue through until November or early December 2021. The Lock 4 weir pool level is also temporarily raised by around 30cm above normal pool level to assist with water flow into the Katarapko creek system. The event is progressing well with water levels at the primary regulator at The Splash currently at 12.42 m AHD. The Splash regulator will reach a level of 13 – 13.2m AHD (3 – 3.2 metres above normal water levels) during this water event.

It is great to see water filling into creeks and flow paths and starting to inundate areas of lower lying floodplain giving the vegetation a much needed drink.

The Department for Environment and Water reviews real time water information each day to understand how the inundation is tracking and determining if any changes are required. Water information is available on the Water Data SA website providing near real time water information. This information is accessible to anyone via this link: https://water.data.sa.gov.au/

It is important that when visiting Katarapko that the public is careful and patient as there may be cranes and machinery working on the structures and blocking banks over the course of the event. There will be appropriate signage to guide you on your visit as water levels increase and impact on tracks and at campsites. Conditions within the creeks will vary with water speed, depth and size where the water is on the floodplain. Care should be taken when driving, boating or canoeing.

Please enjoy the attached photographs taken throughout the event so far.