chambers creek loop trail

A short paddle around the Chambers Creek area and associated waterways. This paddle can be extended to go to Lake Bonney and Barmera



Kingston on Murray (216k from Adelaide)

8-10km return loop

8-10km return loop

Paddle Time Allow Half to full day




  • Paddle Distance

    Approx 8-10km return loop.
    If extended to Lake Bonney a further 8km return.
    Distance to Barmera from the Kingston Caravan Park is 17km (on water).

  • Weather

    Always check weather and wind conditions before setting out.
    Visit BOM for weather conditions

  • Conditions

    Easy – Moderate - River and slow-flowing broad backwater
    Do the five weather safety checks

  • Facilities

    Full facilities at the Caravan Park

  • Parking

    Available at launch point

Paddling five checks BOM
Paddle SA is the governing body of paddle sport and recreation in South Australia. It leads and supports paddling in South Australia and encourages the safe exploration of our waterways. Paddling Trail South Australia has a range of Paddling Trails to suit different abilities. Know your ability. Experience this unique beauty by hiring a kayak, joining us on a relaxed Guided Tour through the wetlands.

Trail 41

Paddling Trails South Australia Avenza mapsIf you have a smartphone or tablet you can download the free Avenza PDF Map app and have interactive paddling trail maps on hand when you need them. The app uses your device’s built-in GPS to plot your real-time location within the park onto a map. The app can be used without a network connection and without roaming charges. You can also measure area and distance, plot photos, and drop Placemark pins.

Trail Information

This area is quite a tangled mass of waterways.

There are markers to mark canoe trails (see photographs showing markers), but many are confusing as some of the routes are blocked by reeds and weeds. However the overall area is relatively small and reference is easily made to the highway which is elevated and clearly visible from many parts of the system.

In addition there is a large Eagles nest in a tree at Point A (GPS 32.2166S 140.3716E) which is clearly visible for some distance and can be used as a reference point if paddlers feel they have lost their way.

The trail starts at Kingston-on-Murray Caravan Park. Turn right and travel upstream for 1.8km. Behind Thurk Island you will find the entrance to Hawker/ Chambers Creek.  It is clearly marked with a sign with directions to Chambers Creek and on to Lake Bonney and Barmera.

This creek weaves for about 600m and then divides.  Nockburra Creek goes due north and Chambers Creek in a south easterly direction. The directions to Chambers Creek are clearly marked with pink tassels tied to various trees and stumps and an old broad arrow on a tree. In addition the entire route along Chambers creek from the Murray to Lake Bonney is clearly marked with red squares and green triangles on dead trees.

Avoid the blue signs on trees as they lead only to Nockburra creek.

From the eagles nest travel for about 1km in an easterly direction and you will reach a narrow area of water with the alternative canoe launch site on your right and opposite the Sugarloaf Hill Campsite (marked on the map).

Note: The alternative launch site from Shueard road is a useful alternative if you only want to do short trips.

From that launch site there are some old canoe trail signs with a tortoise symbol, many are missing so they should not be relied on but those that remain mark the Chambers creek route in addition to the newer red squares and green triangles.

From here you can paddle in a broad loop around the small islands in the area and observe the abundant birdlife here.

If you wish to extend the trip go to Point B (GPS 34.2253S 140.3949E) there are the remains of an old bridge and here Chambers Creek goes on to Lake Bonney and Barmera.

On your return keep to your left as you pass through the narrows past the Shueards road launch site, there are some reeds to be navigated but this is a picturesque route back to the Eagles nest and then back to the Murray River and returning to the Kingston-on-Murray Caravan park.

ParkingWalking trails

No facilities are available at the Chambers Creek launch site, however full facilities are available at the Kingston on Murray Caravan Park

Points of Interest

Loch Luna Game Reserve

Plants: The Loch Luna and Moorook Game Reserves are home to native plants such as river red gums and river box with an understory of lignum, and grasses and sedges in low lying areas. Samphire can be seen on the low lying salt-affected soils.

Dense stands of bulrush, reeds, and lignum border much of the permanent waterways of Loch Luna Game Reserve. Dense reeds line much of the shoreline in Wachtels Lagoon, with grasses and samphire dominating further up the banks.


These parks are important nesting habitats for numerous waterbird species, particularly during flood periods. Large numbers of great cormorants nest in Wachtels Lagoon. A small number of darters regularly breed in Loch Luna Game Reserve. Loch Luna also provides substantial areas of good tortoise nesting habitat.

Kingston on Murray
Named after Charles Kingston who was Premier of South Australia from 1893-99 and originally called Kingston, the town was part of the new village settlement scheme started in the 1890s. The tag ‘on-Murray’ was added to distinguish it from the town Kingston on the Limestone Coast (which is now known as Kingston S.E.).

Banrock Station Wine & Wetland Centre is an internationally recognised and award-winning wine and ecotourism destination, showcasing regional produce in an extensive lunch menu and by regularly holding regional events.

Take a walk through the restored wetland on their self-guided interpretive walking trails with 4 bird hides and 800 metres of boardwalks.

One of Australia’s great explorers, Captain Charles Sturt, landed near the town location on his Murray River expedition of 1830. A lookout off Kingston Bridge marks the spot and offers fabulous scenic views.


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Paddling Trail South Australia has a range of Paddling Trails to suit different abilities.

Know your ability

These are easy to access kayak and canoe trails through the Adelaide, Fleurieu Peninsula, Riverland, Murray River, and the Coorong.